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About Us


At ARM Systems our purpose is to have every member of our community imagine, achieve, and maintain a life well lived. We do this by offering an all-inclusive solution that’s about much more than training on the gym floor. It is model of personal training that includes (A) lifestyle coaching (B) access to a full service of wellness resources, (C) a sense that specific goals are being set and met, and (D) a progressive approach that delivers lasting results that pleasantly surprise!”



When ARM Systems launched in 2011, I have to admit, we were kind of basic. There really wasn’t anything different about us. I’d like to think we were better than the big-box gyms–and a better value too. But different? Not so much.

Around 2013 or 2014, things started to change. Our approach became more holistic, our identity a little more sophisticated. We started attracting a different type of client–and that’s when things got interesting.