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The ARM 100 Series:

Introductions + Considerations


At least one fitness and/or wellness experience that went horribly, miserably, depressingly wrong.

Course Description

Begin with an hour-long orientation to THE ARM ACADEMY curriculum. You’ll enjoy one of our custom-blended beverages or smoothies. Next, you’ll be tutored by an executive-level educator who will review your present life, work, and health habits. Together you will identify problems, discover solutions, and create goals all within an intimate, informative, and interactive environment.

Delivery Method

For parties of 1 to 4, we offer face-to-face conversations at our Milton or Burlington campuses. For parties of 4 to 12, we offer workshops at our location or yours—whichever is better for you.


Free of charge.

Your (Recommended) Next Step

Any ARM 200 SERIES course or module.