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The ARM 300 Series:

Foundations + Fundamentals


Any ARM 200 SERIES course or module.

Course Description

A month-long course, during which our team of experts will help you correct, improve, and bring balance to your levels of mechanical, adaptational, and constitutional fitness.

Delivery Method

Four 60-minute-long tutorial appointments, covering nutrition, wellness, lifestyle, and more. Twelve 60-minute-long coaching appointments, customized to suit your particular fitness needs.

Also Included

Ongoing BIOSIGNATURE analysis. Aroma- therapeutic-towel service. Online scheduling, recipes, and more. FITNESS ETC membership, featuring access to yoga, cycling, and other group-fitness classes. An herbal detox kit and cookbook developed by a world-renowned Canadian Naturopathic doctor.


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Add a 2nd student for 50% more. Add a 3rd student for 75% more. Add a 4th student for 100% more.


Register prior to graduating from your prerequisite course and receive 10% off. Achieve all of your prerequisite course objectives and receive 5% off. Satisfy both sets of requirements described above and receive 15% off. May not be combined with the offer below.

Financing Options

Register for the entire ARM ACADEMY curriculum (levels 200 through 500), commit to our monthly payment plan, and receive a 15% to 20% discount. Equivalency credit available to students already in progress. May not be combined with offer above.

Your (Recommended) Next Step

Any ARM 400 SERIES course or module.