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The ARM 500 Series:

Refinements + Accomplishments


Any ARM 400 SERIES course or module.

Course Description

A year-long course, during which our team of experts will help you cultivate winning habits, maintain what you’ve achieved, and accomplish even more—despite life’s inevitable challenges, difficulties, obstacles, and interruptions.

Delivery Method

Twelve 60-minute-long tutorial appointments, covering nutrition, wellness, lifestyle, and more. One hundred and forty-four 60- minute-long coaching appointments, customized to suit your particular fitness needs.

Also Included

Ongoing BIOSIGNATURE analysis. Aroma- therapeutic-towel service. Online scheduling, recipes, and more. Custom-blended beverages and smoothies. FITNESS ETC membership, featuring access to yoga, cycling, and other group-fitness classes. Quarterly ARM-exclusive networking events, wellness retreats, and other very special events. A digital copy of Healthy For Life—chalk full of time-saving, money-sav- ing tips and tricks.


Inquire for pricing.


Add a 2nd student for 50% more. Add a 3rd student for 75% more. Add a 4th student for 100% more.


Register prior to graduating from your prerequisite course and receive 10% off. Achieve all of your prerequisite course objectives and receive 5% off. Satisfy both sets of requirements described above and receive 15% off. May not be combined with the offer below.

Financing Options

Register for the entire ARM ACADEMY curriculum (levels 200 through 500), commit to our monthly payment plan, and receive a 15% to 20% discount. Equivalency credit available to students already in progress. May not be combined with offer above.

Available Upon Request

With our STUDENT SUPPORT option, rather than hands-on coaching, you receive custom-crafted exercise guides to use on your own. Tutorials, weekly support sessions, and most other items listed above are still included, with certain services (such as towels and beverages) available during staffed hours only.

Your (Recommended) Next Step

Any ARM 600 SERIES course or module.