Our Purpose

To have every member of our community imagine, achieve, and maintain a life well lived.

A life well lived comes out of a curious blend of optimism, practical wisdom, and an openess to accepting and facing whatever shows up, good or bad.

Our Vision

To create a community that is continually inspired, empowered, and championed— in their daily lives; their current intentions and ambitions; and their greatest hopes and dreams.

Our Mission

To inspire, empower, and champion every member of our community. Trained in the areas of fitness, wellness, and performance, we work with individuals who demand health, vitality, and a litlle bit of luxury.

Our Core Values


We take personal responsibly for our own success and the success of those around us.


We act with integrity—no matter what.


We communicate honestly, expressively, and intelligently.


We are committed to excellence—never resorting to mediocrity.

Our Founders

  • Adam Robert McDonald
    President & Fitness Director

    Adam Robert McDonald is the engineer and the analytical one; the expert on the physiology of physique; the methodical entrepreneur.

    Using his academic background, Adam brings the science of fitness to practical application. His passion for helping others is expressed through his position as the President, Fitness Director, and Business Development Director at ARM Systems.

    As the Fitness Director of ARM Systems, his roles include: personally consult with clients seeking tailored exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle solutions; design and modify plans and programs on a highly individualized basis; designate each client to the trainer (or trainers) best suited to his or her goals; and monitor everyone’s progress to ensure instant satisfaction and on-going success.

    As the President and Business Development Director, his responsibilities include all activities in the areas of: sales, marketing, and advertising; publicity, promotion, and partnership; education, communication, and technology. He also guides the design process, introduces new customers into the delivery process, and on a day-to-day basis leads the deployment of the organization itself.

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  • Jeff Bao Nguyen
    Vice President & Wellness Director

    Jeff Bao Nguyen is a dreamer and the creative one; a modern day Renaissance man; a jack of all trades.

    Using his experience as a chef, an image consultant, a coach, and a designer, Jeff inspires everyone he meets to live big lives. He brings a wealth of knowledge to his position as the Vice President, Wellness Director, and Design Director at ARM Systems.

    As the Wellness Director, he personally consults with clients on their eating habits through daily food journaling, weekly webinars, and monthly meetings. He also coaches clients--enrolled in the ARM Academy--on their entire lifestyle ranging from career, relationship, community, charity, adventure, and whatever matters to them most.

    As the Design Director, his design process involves everything from the brand-identity system to human-resources policies; from the way they train their own team to the way they sell, market, and promote themselves throughout the GTA; from their menu of services to the nature of their delivery; and far beyond.

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