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Personal Training in Milton, Burlington, and (coming soon) Waterloo

ARM Systems offers efficient, innovative, custom-tailored exercise plans, informed by both undying eternal truths and fast-breaking developments in anatomy, physiology, endocrinology, and psychology.

These services are delivered by world-class fitness, wellness, nutrition, and performance coaches who are honest, compassionate, and full-spectrum in their approach to you—not just as a body but as someone with a mind and soul as well.

For those who want to achieve general physical fitness goals, we have programs that place equal emphasis upon mobility, stability, strength, flexibility, and cardio-vascular endurance.

For those who want to be challenged to be, do, and have their very best; crave the benefit of custom-designed protocols based upon the latest trends and discoveries in sport science; and have specific objectives, serious injuries, or chronic conditions in mind, we have programs that are designed, monitored, and evaluated by owner and director ADAM MCDONALD; access to our entire staff of trainers, instructors, and practitioners, as well as other premiums on an as-available basis.

We have some clients that come to us for just program design and then follow through with their programs on their own and we also have clients that train with us anywhere from 3-4 times per week depending on their goals, motivation, and budget.

Most importantly each program is completely individualized around each client – meaning you get the right program for you and your goals.

Milton Personal Training, Personal Coaching and Personal Trainer

Private Training

You’re dealing, managing, negotiating with people all day (maybe even all night) long. Make it about yourself for once—with one-on-one personal training. Programs start with a goal, end with a bang, and are modulated to suit your mood. For those who like a challenge, weights and variations quickly escalate. For those already pushed past their limits, work-outs may be more rhythmic and/or repetitive.

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Milton Personal Training, Personal Coaching and Personal Trainer

Partnered Training

Receive personal training alongside one to two other people you know. It could be a friend, spouse, relative, colleague, anyone with whom you want to share the experience of success. You also get to cut costs—all the while cheering each other on.

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